Excessive Diaphoresis Treatment

Excessive Diaphoresis Treatment

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by smallestbones

Let us talk about medical antiperspirants first. Medical antiperspirants contain not less than 15 % of substance demand even more strict observance of rules, for example, interaction of some substances with water is capable to lead to hydrochloric acid formation that will cause a strong boring or a skin combustion.

Antiperspirants help in 60 % of cases to those who suffer with axillary hyperhidrosis. They are convenient and simple in application. Unfortunately, such agents approach not to all. They are capable to cause borings and allergic reactions. Another method is ionophoresis, it has appeared in the beginning of XX-th century. The method is based on electric current application.

At treatment of dermatological diseases (eczema, a psoriasis and etc.) the doctors have noticed that electrolytic trays will help at sweating of palms. However, up to the end to explain the mechanism of positive influence they couldn’t. Carry out procedure as follows: the patient for 20–40 minutes immerses arms or feet in special trays with water through which pass a weak electric current. A session repeat every other day. It is capable to help those who suffer with sweating for various reasons as it did not have a relation to antiperspirants that can cause allergic reaction to some patients.

The method is limited in use: usually it applies to feet and palms (to do trays for axillary area inconveniently). It has a series of contraindications: pregnancy, warm pathologies, an epilepsy. As any often repeated physiotherapeutic procedure with use of currents, can negatively affect a condition of a skin, joints and nerves. Therefore treatment is better for spending as short fortnight courses with breaks in one and a half month.

A method number one from the point of view of efficiency, an esthetics and safety is injections of Botox. Botox is capable to block acetylcholine transport (biologically active substance transferring nervous impulse to executive cells) which supervises activity of work of sweat glands. A preparation enters subcutaneously. It allows reaching full interlocking of development of sweat on the average for 6–12 months. Contraindications to application are not a lot: pregnancy and feeding by a breast, reception of antibiotics and anticoagulants, and also an exacerbation of any disease. The method doesn’t work only in 1 % of cases: at natural resistance to a preparation (that meets extremely seldom) or at very persistent hyperhidrosis (more often palmar).

Enemies of Botox are a bath and a sauna: they reduce preparation period of validity. The most often asked question by patients: where this sweat disappears after the treatment? Many wait for edemas and rise in temperature. It is not necessary to be afraid – anything terrible doesn’t happen: the superfluous liquid leaves with urine.

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